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ESF Education

One of ESF’s main aims is to enhance the teaching of Esperanto and its use for educational purposes. To this end, we support the development and evaluation of innovative educational materials and programs. We also provide direction and financial support to the North American Summer Esperanto Institute (NASK).


Here we present a selection of some of the many projects that ESF has supported financially over the years. If you have an educational project which you feel could benefit from ESF support, check out our criteria for grant awards. is an ongoing ESF initiative to develop an international resource site for teachers and learners of Esperanto. The project coordinator is Dr. Katalin Kovats, one of our Advisors, and project partners.The site hosts a wealth of course materials, educational news and updates, and details of courses.

North American Summer Esperanto Institute - NASK


NASK is an intensive summer study programme emphasizing active use of Esperanto in intercultural communication. Classes typically last for three hours each day with topics varying year by year, depending on the needs of the students and preferences of the instructors. An excellent programme of study which additionally provides students with lots of fun-filled opportunities to explore various aspects of the language and culture.


A multilingual online site for learning Esperanto, it offers learners a wealth of online resources and tools for learning including courses for all levels, sections on grammar,  and a media library. It additionally hosts a forum and offers and help and advice.  Free to all users.

Annual Access to Language Education Award - CALICO

Each year, CALICO (The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium), in association with ESF and present the annual Access To Language Education Award (ALE) to a digital online project offering exceptional language-learning resources. The winning project is recognized at the Business Meeting during CALICO’s Annual Conference and the author(s) presented with the ALE Award certificate and a $250 prize / honorarium.

Passport to the Whole World

This ESF grant-supported course is based on an original television-style script, involved an international team of actors and a professional documentary film director. It was developed in consultation with several outstanding Esperanto teachers. The result is a hugely entertaining comprehensive 15-lesson course for learning Esperanto, with accompanying workbooks. All lessons now available free on You Tube.