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ESF Research

ESF is dedicated to facilitating and strengthening scholarship on Esperanto and interlingual communication through sponsored awards, external conferences, and collaboration with research institutes, organisations and networks which encourage and support research, including universities worldwide and institutes of higher education.


Here you will find some of the many research projects that ESF is supporting financially. There are also links to useful research resources. If you are currently undertaking or planning a research project and would like ESF support, take a look at our criteria for grant awards. 



Interlinguistic Studies UAM

A three-year post-graduate programme in Interlinguistic Studies within the Institute of Linguistics (Department of Modern Philology) at the University Adam Mickiewicz (UAM) Poznań, Poland. ESF offers grants to students, and has done so since 2002


Immerse yourself in the literature, history, and culture of Esperanto; become familiar with the linguistics of Esperanto and the richness of planned languages generally; acquire a working knowledge of linguistics and international communication.


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University of Amsterdam

Although interlinguistics and Esperanto are taught at a number of universities across the world, the University of Amsterdam, widely regarded as the leading university in the Netherlands, is unique in the world in having a professorship in these fields. The chair of Interlinguistics and Esperanto is currently occupied by Professor Federico Gobbo. ESF has helped fund the chair, which serves as a focal point for research and teaching on topics of direct interest to ESF.


Libraries and Special Collections in and about Esperanto and other constructed languages in North America, Europe, and New Zealand.


A collection of print, CD-ROM and online bibliographies in Esperanto, Interliguistics and other related fields.

Corpora and Dictionaries

Information on Esperanto corpora, including Textaro, and Online Esperanto dictionaries.


A list of foundations and centres for research and teaching in and about Esperanto and interlinguistics.

Digital Resources

A selection of online and digital resources on Esperanto and Interlinguistics, including virtual libraries, index pages, online grammar books, mailing lists and a virtual school.


A list of publishers with thematic lists in Esperanto, Interliguistics and other related fields.

Esperantic Studies

Esperantic Studies is a field of scholarly study centred on Esperanto in a broader context of multilingual and interlingual communication.

Asya Pereltsvaig’s three-part article ‘Esperanto: State-of-the-Art’ discusses different areas of Esperantic Studies, particularly Esperanto Linguistics, Esperanto History (broadly construed), and Global Language Studies.